Sky in Poland – Part 2

Jungunternehmer Sky ist inzwischen den 2. Monat in Warschau. Seine Erfahrungen schildert er wie folgt:

Been learning more polish, and getting more into a daily rhythm of work, and Warsaw life.  It seems with every new meeting that Poland is really open for innovation and excited about the special things I have to offer from both America and Germany.  What appeals to me most is that I wanted to go into education, and youth training and Mladi has really opened my eyes to my gift and passion for this. Agata and her NGO team have been absolutely brilliant at fitting me into all the process and work.

It was finally nice to check in with the Monika our IO, she had been away in Tawain for a month and is connecting us to some great opportunities there regarding innovation, and also offered us a nice workshop space to hold our future monthly meetings in, so everything seems to be moving in the right direction.

Here is a summary report:

  • Evaluation from March was very positive and also learned about the places I still need improvement. Also communicated my feedback and feel very good about being heard and an integral part of this work.
  • M-F office work preparing future workshops regarding Smart Cities, Fintech, IoT, A.I., Data Science, Future of Work
  • Recruiting new interns, managing their work together, keeping them on task and reporting their hours and progress
  • Meeting with Erasmus+ heads to discuss future projects regarding end of year conference, and/or strategic partnership for MOOC (massive open online course)
  • Guiding and mentoring the youth to write new grants for future project (Conference)
  • Location scouting for Mural workshop
  • Held two conferences for youth, speaking about sustainability
  • Meeting with Monika at Erasmus Youth Entrepreneur
  • Teaching yoga basics to the team 2x a week
  • Touring new office spaces for Mladi and working on process, contacts, and contracts
  • Overview of taxes and financials regarding business budgeting
  • Meeting with local farmers to assess agriculture needs in the local areas
  • Gathering resources, and activities planning for Mural workshop
  • Recruiting 30 youth from other EU countries for the Mural workshop