Sky in Poland – Part 3

Sky ist inzwischen den 3. Monat in Warsaw bei Agatas NGO. Wie er berichtet, ist er inzwischen vollständig in das Team und die Arbeit integriert. Dies zeigt sich auch daran, dass er inzwischen recht eigenständig Projekte und Aufgaben bearbeitet.

This month I took on a lot more hours and responsibilities as it is apparent that I am part of the NGO network, familiar with the HE daily work and now acting more independently with little supervision, and always reporting outcomes and receiving feedback. It is such a joy to work with youth and inspiring me to really feel more passionate about why I am starting my own business in the first place. Also has helped me connect to local investors and future team members.

  • Taking on the responsibility of running the July 7-day workshop program
  • Project management of Pre-production, production, post-production schedule for July project
  • Managing new interns, putting them to work on various tasks such as organizing contacts, research on local urban farmer market, drafting partnership contracts, enrolling participants for July, inspiring them to be their best
  • Researching new sponsors for funding
  • Drafting HE letters to new sponsors
  • Contacting potential partnering CSO and ORG for support and resources
  • Drafting a new business plan for HE
  • Recruiting necessary logistics and materials needed for July
  • Gathering data to present to local Warsaw policymakers of lack/need of urban farming
  • Signing up for future Humanitarian Expo, planning the exhibiting materials
  • Secured new sponsors for mural materials
  • Holding meetings with local impactors, innovators, and entrepreneurs interested in contributing to project