Melanie in Amsterdam – Monat 3

Melanie navigiert auch im dritten Monat ihres Austauschs die Corona-Untiefen zusammen mit ihrem Gastgeberunternehmer mit festem Tritt. Lest selbst, wie ein klares Mission and Vision Statement einem Unternehmen in dieser schweren Zeit helfen kann.


My third month in Amsterdam is over and as the months before it was an amazing time. We started two new projects within the company and I took over one project as a facilitator. Therefore we tried a new method called “Design Sprint”, invented by Google, to create a testable product or service with very short period of time. Exploring this new method helped me a lot, because I already see a lot of possibilities to offer Design Sprints to public organizations and help them improving or developing new products. For me and the team it was the first time facilitating and participating in a Design Sprint workshop. Therefore, in the beginning, we had two sessions with an external expert, who helped us with our first steps. Now it is up to us to drive the process further. I am super thankful, that I get the chance to deep-dive into this (for us) new methodology and then already test it. This will also help me to facilitate workshops in the future.

Next to this, it was very instructive to see how the company handled the situation during the Corona crisis. It definitely helped, to have a clear vision of the company’s growth path and stick to it (even if some pivoting was necessary). I can only recommend this to every new entrepreneur to think upfront about a concrete vision and mission of the company – as I have seen it right now, at a specific point it can come back to you and then it is absolutely helpful to have a look again on your “roots”. My co-founders and I will definitely spend some time on it the next weeks.

Unfortunately, the Corona virus also hit our upcoming business in Germany very hard. We had several contracts as speakers on events which got all cancelled or postponed. To be honest, this was also kind of demotivating, if you just wanted to start the first steps as a company and get pushed-back that way. Now we are more focusing on the strategic part of building the company – and hopefully soon starting to work with clients.

Melanie in Amsterdam – Monat 2

Trotz der weltweit angespannten Lage hinsichtlich des Coronavirus, hat sich unsere Jungunternehmerin Melanie dazu entschlossen ihren Austausch in Amsterdam fortzusetzen. Lesen Sie, wie Melanie und ihr Gastgeberunternehmen weGrow die neuen Herausforderungen aktuell angehen.


Time is running – my second month in Amsterdam is already over. It has happened and changed a lot during this month, especially because of the corona virus, but I still enjoy my time here in Amsterdam. First of all, at least one positive side effect of the corona virus is that I can experience the city of Amsterdam in a whole different way, without any tourists and crowded places. I enjoy going out for walks through an almost empty city and see all the beautiful sights of Amsterdam.

Next to that, of course, like many other companies also weGrow is facing a hard time at the moment. Getting new clients in gets even more difficult in a time where a lot of start-ups have issues to survive this crisis. Due to that, in the past month, we had a lot of brainstorming session with the team, to discuss how to adapt our services to get knew clients in. We tried new ways of working together and implemented to work in Sprints. Fortunately, I could bring in my expertise to this and helped to structure the process. I am now responsible to lead the team through the Sprints and adapt the way of working after each Sprint. Furthermore, I had first conversations with a potential client, located in the Netherlands, offering software solutions for the public sector in the Netherlands and Belgium. Their aim is to expand their business as well to the German public sector. Due to my experience in the German public sector, I can play an active role in this project. This helps me, to experience the whole consultancy process of the weGrow company, starting with first conversations, creating a proposal etc. – and, of course, gives me a lot of energy to push my own consultancy service forward.

Regarding my consultancy, I am currently working on developing concrete workshops for potential clients in the public sector. My time in Amsterdam already showed me, that it is easier to offer general products/ workshops/ methodologies, especially from a marketing perspective, and adapt them to the client’s needs than only offering consultancy service on a more general basis. My goal for 2020 is to sell at least 5 of these workshops to new customers. The next month, I will focus further on the development of these workshops and figure out ways how to reach more attention of new potential clients.

Melanie in Amsterdam – Monat 1

BUPNET begleitet eine neue Jungunternehmerin bei ihrem Austausch mit Erasmus für Jungunternehmer. Melanie wird 3,5 Monate in den Niederlanden verbringen. Über ihren ersten Monat hat sie bereits einen Erfahrungsbericht verfasst.


The first month of my stay in Amsterdam is now over and up to now it has been an amazing and very exciting exchange. My host entrepreneur Gernot and his team from weGrow welcomed me very well and I felt like being part of the team since day one. Right in the first week of my exchange I could participate in a team session to prepare a culture map workshop for one of their clients and – later I also participated in the workshop at the client to see how it worked out. Furthermore, which was really the best start I could imagine, we had a team evening together, played laser tag, bowling and had some dinner. This was a great opportunity for me to get to know all team members better. Melanie in Amsterdam – Monat 1 weiterlesen

Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 4

Mit dem Januar endete auch Jonas viermonatiger EYE-Austausch in Lissabon. In seinem letzten Bericht lässt er uns daran teilhaben, was er aus dieser Zeit für sich persönlich und beruflich mitnehmen wird.


Is it over or has it just begun? Well, the EYE program is over, but my journey as an entrepreneur has merely started. Below I will layout a short resume of the 4-month program, share my learnings and successes, and give recommendations and inspiration to future participants.

All in all, I can say that the program was a success. Becoming part of beta-i, one of the leading players in Lisbon’s start-up scene, provided for an intensive head dive into the Portuguese Start-up Ecosystem. The connections I made there and on various events across all Lisbon have been and will be invaluable, and I am grateful to have met so many inspiring and motivated individuals. Moreover, moving to Lisbon and getting involved with the idea of Conscious Capitalism or Capitalism 2.0 (using the power of business as a force for good by focusing on all stakeholders and not just shareholders) and advocating for it has been nothing short of life-changing. It broadened my horizon and opened many opportunities. Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 4 weiterlesen

Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 3

Seit drei Monaten ist Jonas nun bei beta-i in Lissabon. Was er im Dezember alles erlebt, gelernt und erfahren hat, teilt er uns mit.


New month, new challenges.

It’s the beginning of January already and last month has been, both, insightful and exhausting. In the last month‘s report I announced that I switched my undertaking due to my newfound passion for social impact, the project’s possibility to affect many other lives positively and, well, the fact that my old project won’t provide the opportunity to sustain myself long-term. In this piece I want to explain more about the challenges that I faced when tackling the new idea and what I did to overcome them.

The first and biggest problem was to define the exact problem I am tackling. While this sounds easy, it is actually a really hard thing to do. Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 3 weiterlesen

Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 2

In seinem zweiten Monat mit beta-i hat Jonas bereits einiges über sich und seine Geschäftsidee gelernt und beschlossen, diese anzupassen.


Time is passing fast, it’s the end of November already. This month has been filled with action: re-planning, pitching and pivoting. I have made many new contacts and I reprioritized the undertakings I am tackling.

It all started with the Web Summit – a huge event with 70.000 people from the tech industry – here I Lisbon. I was a volunteer and therefore had the chance to hear inspiring talks, get to know other start-ups, pitch a new idea and generate leads. New idea? Yes, I am switching paths: I will keep the Lacrosse platform alive, but I will focus the big chunk of my time on a new project.

Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 2 weiterlesen

Fenna in Wales – 1

Eine weitere neue Jungunternehmerin von BUPNET ist Fenna. Sie wird ihren EYE-Austausch in Wales auf einer Farm verbringen, die zugleich Bildungsangebote anbietet.
Fenna hat einen Bericht über ihre Erfahrungen der ersten beiden Monate geschrieben.

During the first month of the EYE exchange, I learned about the Cwm Harry Land Trust and their purpose of establishing businesses that are owned by communities. Their main goals are social cohesion and finding ways to protect the environment, which I find really intriguing. Their largest project, Ffarm Moelyci, which is a farm of 349 acres in Wales that is owned by several parties as a social project, involves a plant for converting biomass into charcoal, as well as a café that offers locally grown foods. I have been showed around and explored the farm area, as well as the biomass plant. Fenna in Wales – 1 weiterlesen

Vesselina in Österreich – Monat 4

Nach vier Monaten endet Vesselinas „Erasmus für Jungunternehmer“-Austausch mit SuperSocial in Wien. Einen letzten Bericht hat sie über ihre Erfahrungen noch geschrieben.

During my last month with SuperSocial I had the chance to put my digital skills even more into practice by supporting the SuperSocial team during the LED Professional Lighting Conference in Bregenz. It was exciting to dive into a totally different industry but also to discover how essential light is in our lives and what huge effect it subconsciously has on our mood, concentration capacity and perception faculty. The trends of this industry again showed me how important digital applications are, for example to measure and monitor the outcome of light. Vesselina in Österreich – Monat 4 weiterlesen

Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 1

BUPNET hat mit Jonas einen Jungunternehmer, der seinen Erasmus für Jungunternehmer-Austausch in Portugals Haupstadt, Lissabon verbringen wird.


It has been a month now that I have been in Lisbon and it’s safe to say that it has been an incredible experience so far. Having started to work part-time at beta-i, a company that brings corporations, start-ups and investors together to facilitate innovation, has provided me with a great overview of the start-up ecosystem in Lisbon and gives me the opportunity to get insights about my undertaking from various perspectives. But let me start at the beginning: Jonas in Lissabon – Teil 1 weiterlesen

Über den Tellerrand hinaus

Aufgrund neuer Kontakte von BUPNET nach Wittenberge in Brandenburg haben wir am 1. Oktober 2019 „Erasmus für Jungunternehmer“ vor interessierten Unternehmern, Wirtschaftsförderern und Gründungsberatern vorgestellt.

Highlight der Veranstaltung war, dass zwei Gastunternehmerinnen von BUPNET per Liveschaltung über ihre Erfahrungen mit dem Programm und ihren bisherigen Austauschen berichtet und Fragen beantwortet haben.

Ein kurzer Pressebericht zur Veranstaltung wurde am 12.Oktober im „Wochenspiegel. Wittenberge – Perleberg – Pritzwalk“ auf der 1. Seite veröffentlicht.