Wojtek in Javea, Spain – Month 1

Full trust from the first moment. Those words probably describe best how my arrival and
work during the first weeks at Sun & Co in Javea felt. I was welcomed for an onboarding
week in the coliving space and introduced to the idea, concept, and reality of co-living on the west coast of Spain.
Co-living, unlike coworking, is a concept that extends its services and responsibilities beyond the professional realm. Coworking spaces are for people who do not need or do not want to rent or buy a personal office. Co-livings are spaces for people who do not need or do not want to live in one particular place throughout the year – namely: digital nomads and remote workers.
My responsibilities and tasks at Sun & Co are split into two areas: Hosting & Marketing. In
general, the company facilitates and hosts a space for guests to live and work in. Hosting
includes regular organizational tasks like organizing the spaces, checking in new guests, or
receiving feedback. However, a significant part of Sun & Co’s approach is the reliability and
personal connection to the co-living community. There is no explicit necessity or hierarchical demand to be personable, but as a host, I spend a lot of time with the guests, and handling the organization as well as relationships during their stay really makes a difference in their perception of the co-living experience.
The marketing role revolves more around the promotion of the co-living and Javea, the town it is embedded in. In this area, I was given a lot of autonomy, along with the permission to incorporate my personal talents. I’ve proceeded to use my photography and videography skills to create high-quality content for the social channels. I also used my time to get a better understanding of how the marketing is organized and what key factors are relevant for the success of the marketing measures.
Generally, I am granted a lot of freedom in terms of how I structure my work, and I am
allowed to fully incorporate my creativity as well as soft skills and people skills. I feel very
trusted and am excited to explore a new way of working