Wojtek in Javea, Spain – Month 3

The last weeks have proven that one more person in the team really makes everyone’s jobs
easier. Because of the fast-paced working style and small team, the time windows to work
on promising ideas or detailed business development usually have been very short or
needed to be postponed. With one more person in the team now, every person has a bit
more time on their hands.

The new intern has taken over many of my hands-on marketing tasks, and we share hosting responsibilities. By now, I can trust my work colleague blindly. The same goes for all my other peers. At the beginning of my exchange, there was a lot happening, but now that the business is running smoothly and more time frees up, team-building events are becoming more regular, and I am discovering the value of spending time with the team outside a strict business context.

Marketing-wise, I was entrusted with developing a broader marketing strategy and manual
for the company. For this purpose, I took a deep dive into the analytics of the business. It is
very interesting for me to be positioned with an in-group perspective within a decently
running company.

Normally, my experience mostly extended to serving clients or businesses that had either
dug themselves into a hole or where I needed to prove my relevance as a marketing expert.
In the position I am currently in, I get the chance to analyze, strategize, and conclude in a
more grounded way, without needing to oversell or overemphasize any measure. I am keen
on the feedback I will receive, but since the marketing strategy and manual are still works in
progress, that will need to wait a little longer.
In the past month, I have also taken on more tasks and responsibilities as a host and event
leader. I started leading meditations, masterminds, and sharing circles – all regular events
the coliving space offers, which require mostly social skills but also flexibility, planning and

I enjoy this role very much, and it makes me question a little bit how much I want to and
should push my professional life and business into a fully remote position. Since the
company I am working for constantly interacts with groups of remote workers from all over
the world, the situation is sometimes somewhat analogous to leading and interacting with a team. On a similar note, I see the benefits of regularly meeting with my team here in Spain physically.

This revelation remains the most valuable experience of my exchange so far. If not for the
chance to actually work with people and take on the role of a facilitator, I might never have
considered changing my professional life in this direction.