Hannah in Galicia – Month 5

Winter in Galicia. I tried to write a lot and put all my thoughts and ideas to paper. However, I also had the longing to just enjoy the silence, slowness and peaceful time here. So much has happened in the past weeks that it is difficult to grasp it sometimes. The Erasmus+ funds have given me the opportunity to really learn a lot about Galicia, entrepreneurship here, the potential of my project and even get it started and acquainted in the most beautiful way. Dennis is the best host in the world as he opened up so many doors for me, connected me with great people, shared important insights. All of this I want to collect in a document as part of my reflections from this time. Let’s see if I will find the time for it this month.

The highlights of January was a small workshop with the school kids from here about permaculture and the first annual meeting of The Foundry, where I could participate in! This gave me an even greater insight into the organizational structures, the processes in place to facilitate the meeting and the happenings and plans for the upcoming year. Dennis and I have already planned some events together, and might even join forces in another project that will be happening here, but that’s still in the very beginning of the ideation process. So I might be able to tell more about it in my next report.

I have spent a lot of time this month on my financial plan for my project, looking at feasible fundings, further crowdfunding options or creating attractive investor incentives to support my project. Let’s see what will come out of it but I am confident as I have received so much positive feedback for it! Oh and I also went to an Xunta Galicia event around sustainable construction and opportunities for entrepreneurs, where we were welcomed with open arms, which was another highlight as it connected me further to the Galician ecosystem.