Sky in Poland – Part 1

Nachdem BUPNET einige Wochen lang keine Jungunternehmer ins europäische Ausland begleitet hat, ist Sky seit Anfang März in Polen. Seine Eindrücke aus Warschau vom ersten Monat von insgesamt 6 Moanten hat er uns geschildert.

It has been a wonderful start here with HE, learning so much. I have been so warmly welcomed and everyone is really open and exciting to work with during the initial introductions. I am now quite familiar with daily operations, flow, my place and my value. Additionally, I have a good idea of the goals we are working toward and how to achieve them daily.  The English-Polish barrier is a bit of hurdle and can sometimes complicate things but it is a great challenge to rise above nationality, cultures and find common ground and grow.

Here is a summary report:

  • M-F I start with HE at the client’s Warsaw office and have meeting/reporting/evaluations
  • I have written several proposals for contact email to clients
  • I was at business meetings in co-working space and was able to offer consulting that was then implemented by the client
  • I did research local clients about blockchain voting platform
  • Participation in youth conversation about policy, decision making, and direction
  • HE showed me interesting development opportunities, I can go to free workshops and lectures related to the industry but also to personal development
  • HE often gives me feedback about my work
  • At the end of each month, I am also sending a short summary to HE from what I did and what I would like to do next
  • Assisting on „Mural for Tolerance“ program coming up in June.
  • General brainstorming (of which many of my ideas were applied so I feel valued)
  • I co-wrote two grants for potential fall upcoming workshops: 1. HR and Youth 2. Sustainability– The second I have been put in charge of organizing a group for and managing the direction with surveys, polls, participation, and local idea submissions and will host a workshop in April
  • Created an open-source spreadsheet with specific language for youth to access and write their own grants within our EU network.
  • Working with a developer and putting together structure and wireframe on new online crowdfunding workshop