Karima in Spanien – Teil 4

Unsere Jungunternehmerin Karima ist inzwischen seit 4 Monaten in Spanien. Wie sie in dieser Zeit durch die Zusammenarbeit mit ihrem Gastunternehmer vorangekommen ist, könnt ihr in Karimas neuem Bericht nachlesen.

In the past weeks I was often at the shop and did the inventory, since the online and offline shops became one. This work is still going on. Besides that I finished my second blogpost which will be published soon J When Luis came from Barcelona to Granada we had the time to start taking pictures of the new products, he showed me how to create the newsletter for Mamahuhu and we worked on finances.

Now I am implementing this knowledge into practice. Yesterday I sent my first newsletter to our subscribers. Furthermore I am working on editing the product images in order to have high quality images which are the basic for the online shop. Now, after four months being with Mamahuhu I really think to have a good insight into what it requires  to have a business and how it works on a daily basis. I am grateful for the transparency and trust Viktor and Luis show me in this whole process.

For the coming weeks I will upload the product images and work on the description and design on the website. Furthermore I will write the newsletters and continue the content marketing by approaching ethical fashion blogger. The goal is to have a network of bloggers who write about us and get (positive) reviews for our products.