Rimante in Italien – Teil 3

Rimante arbeitet sie seit drei Monaten mit ihrer italienischen Gastunternehmerin auf Sardinien zusammen. Der gemeinsame Austausch gefällt ihr so gut, dass sie ihren Erasmus für Jungunternehmer-Austausch auch dank der Unterstützung von BUPNET verlängert hat!


The third month of EYE in Sassari, and I already feel at home in this cosy Sardinian town. I know my way around and stop for coffee in my favourite café on the way to the office, shop in the market and know my neighbours.

“Sleeping Giant” in Porto Conte

January was a very busy month in the organisation, as the deadlines for Erasmus+ project application was constantly on the agenda (between other daily activities). And in the real life, the deadlines never end. February, I started working on KA2 projects. March, project work continues. 21st of the month was yet another deadline, this time, KA2 strategic partnership for adult education and VET. This month I was working closely with my Maria Grazia (my HE). She is a very experienced project designer and has an extensive network. I learn, that finding the right partners is one of the crucial parts in this line of work. If you have a good consortium, the project implementation and management will be smooth and bring positive experiences.

Our feedback sessions with my host entrepreneur are useful as always. I am crystalizing my idea and understand better, which services I could offer, and which tasks would be more interesting and easier to deliver. We discuss possibilities to cooperate in the future. Another important step that I took in March, I have decided to extend my stay here. May and June would give me more hands-on project implementation experience, and I am willing to take it.