Anna in Spanien – Teil 1

Anna war  als Jungunternehmerin für drei Wochen in Spanien und hat uns von BUPNET einen Bericht  über ihre Erfahrungen mit Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs gemailt.


Take a deep breath…

I feel pressure. What I tried to leave behind when I quit my job at a big company group, when I joined the inspiring “Knowmads Business School” in Amsterdam, and finally, when I started my own business, it’s still there: this nagging feeling of stress and imperfection.

Maybe this is “typical German”? At least it’s typical me. My company turned three at the beginning of 2017, and I felt a huge longing for changing perspective. Would the „Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs“ program help me to step out of my stress routine and (re)discover different angles?

It did!


My first three weeks at the co-working space “Espacio Arroelo” in Pontevedra (Spain) are over. The founder,  África, is an amazingly inspiring person and driver of the great spirit among the “co-working family”. It’s this harmonic combination of professionalism and joy, of warmth and connectivity that sparked me the most. The atmosphere of trust and honesty encourages each one of us to share our knowledge, both as cooperation partners in external projects and in the “Arroelo Xperience”-events in which co-workers present in-depth information about their recent work and learning. Two more weeks will follow in October this year.

During my last three weeks, I joined creativity and communication workshops that were offered to professionals and pupils. I learned about group dynamics, got to know new methods and ideas for innovation processes as well as for building a vivid community. I loved the coffee and lunch breaks with my colleagues to enjoy tortilla and our mixed-language conversations. Full of gratefulness, I know that this experience will widen and enrich my work at home. There are changes about to come:

  • Not alone anymore – I will search for a shared office or join a co-working space in my hometown, Hanover.
  • Pragmatic adjustments – Services that don’t pay off, will be modified or cancelled. Focus!
  • And yes: Pleasure! – What’s the point if there is no space and time for joy?

My business provides creative formats: on the one hand to support organisations in their innovation or change processes; on the other hand to inspire private people by philosophical discussions. The name is “WALDLICHTUNG”, forest glade, which is a metaphor: step out of the forest and gain new perspectives. Now it was my turn.


I love my work…

…and relax.