Aimilia in Hellas – 1. Monat

Im August hat eine neue Jungunternehmerin ihren Austausch begonnen. Aimilia wird für 6 Monate in Athen bleiben und dort mit dem erfahrenen Gastunternehmer Apostolos zusammen arbeiten. Wie ihr Erasmus-Austausch angefangen hat, beschreibt sie hier.

First month in Greece and specifically in Athens and it’s better than I thought. Although I come from Greece, I never had the opportunity to live in Athens and now I am going to become better acquainted with Athens thanks to the Erasmus program. When I arrived in Greece, I had a meeting with the team right away. They explained everything I needed to know about public transportation and we learned more about each other.  They made it clear that they would support me in my steps and that they would be there for me if I needed anything.  I really feel like I fit into this team and I am very excited about my new work adventure. What I find a bit unfortunate is that I almost always have to work from home, but we are all trying to adjust to the circumstances due to Corona and still have an enjoyable time at work.

During the first week of employment, my host explained to me the difference between traditional management and agile management. Then I researched so I can better understand the term Agile, since Solidarity Mission represents this mindset. We also implemented the method and principles of Theory of Thinking Systems  at Solidarity Mission and then I did the same for my company. The host provided constant feedback, which I found very helpful. On the organizational aspect, my host introduced me to software tools like Canvas, Asana, etc., which I find very useful for my company. I also have to check, answer and file emails every day. Over the next few days, my host will be interviewing prospective candidates and I am really looking forward to it because I will have the opportunity to actively engage to this process . As of September, we plan to initiate the Erasmus Program (youth exchange), in which I will also actively contribute.  I can’t wait to tell you about my experiences with the program.