Sophia in Portugal – 5

Jungunternehmerin Sophia, die mit Erasmus für Jungunternehmer in Portugal ist, hat inzwischen ihren 5. Monat in einem Architekturbüro Porto erlebt. Während dieser Zeit vertieft sie ihre Kenntnisse immer weiter.

In the first week of December, I participated in three competitions in Finland to finalize the drawings to put on the presentation plans.

The competitions were housing competitions in various areas close to Helsinki. The drawings required final graphical touch-ups. Additionally, I created some schemes to explain the concept of the design. After finishing the competition I got back to my housing project in Porto. I developed various collages of the exterior and interior to test out materials, to explain the concept and to evolve some images for the client to see. The drawings of the house are also developed week by week to test out new ideas for floorplans and sections and elevations as well as to incorporate construction regulations. In a couple of days, the client will come again to see the development of the project and to discuss the new ideas for the design. The phase at the moment is very important for me because I learn a lot about construction regulations and laws as well as general rules in terms of construction drawings and presentation for clients. These steps are quite helpful to develop the business plan and to rethink the strategies.

At the end of the month, the office did a trip to the north of Portugal- to the Douro valley. We visited modern architecture such as an archaeological museum and had a tour through a wine vineyard which was really fascinating to see. Portugal is a very diverse country from north to the south. It has a beautiful landscape which changes a lot throughout the distance from coast to inland.