Vladimir in Polen – 1

BUPNET begleitet einen neuen Jungunternehmer bei seinem Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs-Austausch. Vladimir hat sich eine Gastunternehmerin in Polen gesucht. Heute berichtet Vladimir über seinen ersten Monat bei Maria.


I began my EYE program on the 1st of May 2018 in Warsaw, Poland with my exchange partner Maria. Her company Turnus is specialized for organizing academic tours in the field of art, architecture and graphic design. Since I plan to establish an academic program in religion as a combination of academic courses abroad and on-line learning, Maria is an ideal partner to learn about organizing academic tours. My first days in Warsaw passed in accommodating to the new environment, such as moving to new apartment, exploring the city, obtaining a city travel pass, etc.

When I arrived in Warsaw, Maria was already in the midst of organizing a tour to graphic Biennale in Brno, Czech Republic. Since I could not be of much help in renting a bus for the participants, or booking accommodation in Brno, she proposed me to help her organizing a daily program during Brno tour and finding parking for our bus in Brno. The focus of the tour, apart from visiting the Biennale, was the Czech architectural modernism at the beginning of the 20th century. In connection with this I had the task to select several important architectural monuments in Zlin and Brno, and to plan the visit to these monuments. In planning these activities I had to learn both about about artistic the visions of the architect and how to plan most practical things, such as where to park the bus while the tour participants are visiting the site.

The tour to Brno was from the 10th to 14th of May 2018. We arrived in Brno in time for the opening of the Biennale. For the majority of participants this was the most important event and they did not consider going around the city and visiting the buildings. The remaining people combined the Biennales program with daily visits. Every day we visited one of the examples of Czech modernism, such as Jurkovič Hause, Villa Stiasni and Villa Tugendhat. I learned not only amazing things about architecture in Brno, but also very practical issues how to plan a tour and keep to the schedule.

Due to personal reasons, I had to shorten my exchange program till the end of June and Maria and I revisited our previous plans. Thus, instead of planning together an academic tour to Lviv, Ukraine, we have focused on the academic tour on icons I plan for the mid September 2018 in the Serbian medieval monastery of Studenica. At the moment I work with Maria’s help on planning a precise tour budget and advertising a tour out of private channels. I hope to send the proposal to universities by the end of this week, and to form a group for Studenica by the end of my stay in Poland.