Karima in Spanien – Teil 5

Unsere Jungunternehmerin Karima berichtet uns diesen Monat, dass sie während Erasmus für Jungunternehmer-Aufenthalts auf sich gestellt war. Lest selbst, wie selbst daran gewachsen ist, obwohl es nicht immer leicht war.


The inventory is finally done and Luis opened a new shop in Barcelona. For that reason I worked very independently in the past weeks. I created and sent the newsletters on a regular basis, stayed in touch with the bloggers and helped with the online orders at the shop. 

After the Blogpost was published we had great feedback to it and the bloggers loved it. Now we are in the process of finding good ways for collaboration since the bloggers have of course their own conditions for collaborations. We try to find a satisfactory middle way for both sides.

Furthermore the picture editing revealed itself as harder and more complicated than I thought it would be: I need to learn how to use photo editing softwares similar to Photoshop from scratch … so I have spent already some hours on YouTube Tutorials. But I will figure this out and will finish the editing process. Even though this was challenging and sometimes frustrating since no one was around to support, I think it was/is a good experiences through which I learned a lot on my own about taking product pictures, lightening, Photoshop, etc.

When I have mastered the editing, we will upload the picture and will create the perfect SEO content for the products J

Today I will talk to Luis about my upcoming tasks for the remaining last month! I can’t believe that the exchange is almost over…