Tim in Spanien 2

Inzwischen ist auch der 2. Monat von Tim in Spanien vorüber. Hier könnt ihr lesen, wie es ihm ergangen ist.


The second month of my „Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs-Experience” has passed. So slowly, I got used to the Spanish life, the foreign language and culture. In addition, I got myself more and more into the daily “working-routine”, which does not mean that this is boring.

Also in the second month, my expectations could be fulfilled completely, because again I could learn a lot. So, I could continue to learn plenty of news about SEO. After spending more time analyzing the right keywords in the first month, the second month, I got to know the importance of backlinks, headlines, and blog entries for SEO. In the next month, I want to write a first blog article, which should bring my website in the Google ranking further up.

In addition, after a long time back and forth, ultimately, I was able choose a logo, which should reflect the name of my project. It was important to me that both, the „Lebenslauf (CV in German)“ and the „Perfect“, can be found within the logo, which I think has done very well with the „L“, the „CV“ and the „tick“.

On the other hand, I worked not only for my own project, I also helped to improve our customers websites regarding to technical terms of online marketing. At a start-up like Lemongrass-Media you are there from the scratch and have to do a lot of different tasks. So, it can happen that you suddenly have to help build up a new shelf. This, however, was the exception and most of the time I learned a lot of exciting things, which could be also very useful for my own project.