Haris in Deutschland

Haris ist ein Jungunternehmer aus Bosnien und Herzegowina, der bei Ela in Berlin seinen Austausch macht. Sein Bericht nach dem ersten Monat gibt einen Einblick, wie es ist, in Deutschland bei einer Gastunternehmerin an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs teilzunehmen.

First Month in the World of PR Entrepreneurship

Eagerly awaited Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience started a month ago, and since it has been very interesting it passed so quickly. I opened doors of being an entrepreneur in PR industry and got to know Berlin better.

In order for you to know me better, let me present myself. I am Haris, 23-year-old MA students of Communication science from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I applied for this program with a business plan for a news agency (which I can´t tell you more about J). My mentor – Michaela is General manager at Ballou PR, well-known PR agency for high-growth tech companies. Ballou PR has worked for WhatsApp, Pinterest, Aol, Duo lingo, Expedia and many other companies, so they gave me an opportunity to learn from them.

In the first month, we discussed how to define services, when to introduce the new one, when to stop with some of them and I already got new ideas for the services I want to offer. We talked about marketing of the services – what are the best channels to promote them, how to promote your work, how to make a deal with clients for case studies and should it be obligatory part of the contract. I learnt about pricing and as I don´t have the strong economic background it has been very useful for me.

Each week we combine practice and approx. 90-minute talk with my mentor Ela and our Account Director Katja on different topics that are important to successfully run a PR business.

According to what I have experienced and what we have planned next four months will be even more exciting.

Regards from Berlin,