Sadyk in Spanien 4

Sadyk erlebt während seines Austausches mit EYE, wie sich in Europa länderübergreifende Synergien und Zusammenarbeit auf Unternehmensebene entwickeln kann.


The time here at ICIRED seems to pass very fast. It feels as I just began here in Granada and as I watch the date it is June! Although the time is running I realized that we also managed to fulfil a heavy workload.

This month I was busy with two projects. The first one is a quite interesting one. Although ICIRED just works on a national level here in Spain, we realized that we have a lot of clients that have their roots outside of Spain, either retired people or employees from multinational companies that have a branch in Spain. Initiated by my colleague Luigi, the Head of Comercial Operations, we developed a plan to get in contact German companies that are operating in Spain and are therefore prospective clients on their LinkedIn profile. I created a list with all middle-sized and large companies and got in touch with the leading person with finance responsibilities. We went further on and personally offered them our services to make ourselves and our brand known to them. Getting in touch with the heads of finance in German turned out to be an effective approach. The next step is to build customizable services to offer for the large companies, which I am exited about.

The second project this month was to create a feedback form for the website, to get a firm insight into the clients experience on our website. In addition to our data from Google Analytics, I initiated and created a feedback form that we already embedded on the homepage. In order to have a holistic insight into the critical aspects that we might oversee the feedback form is another data resource that offers us helpful information how to improve the webpage. Besides this the task was creative and fun!