Sadyk in Spanien 2

Sadyk ist in seinem 2. Monat als Jungunternehmer bei Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs bereits aktiv in konkrente Projekten seines Gastunternehmers in Spanien eingebunden – aber lest selbst.


The basic task for this month is to optimize the Search Engine Rankings (SEO). In order to get an overview of our rankings, Rafael showed me the SEO-Tool Sistrix. To analyze the current Search listings in Google I made myself familiar with Sistrix. My research showed me that we have to work on the webpage speed.

Due to the fact that the webpage has a lot of images on their website slowing down the loading time of the site, we decided to compress the images of the whole domain. The objective was to minify the bytes that optimize the loading time.

Therefore my main task was to find an online tool that compresses a bulk of pictures without loss in quality. After finding an appropriate online tool the computer scientist here at ICIRED gave me access to the server to download the bulks of images that are uploaded to our server. Once downloaded the thousands of images I compressed these to upload them again on the server.

In the end, the efforts working with the bulks of images paid off, as the page speed was dramatically increased.

Besides this, I feel very comfortable here at ICIRED. The communication has improved a lot, as both my Spanish skills improved and Rafael is improving his English proficiency. Furthermore working on the SEO with a concrete project like this I feel having arrived here at the ICIRED-Team and play a proactive role.