Karima in Spanien – Teil 3

Unsere Jungunternehmerin Karima hat sich nach 3 Monaten richtig gut in Spanien und ihr EYE-Gastunternehmen eingelebt, wie sie uns berichtet.


My third month with Mamahuhu (22.02.-22.03.2018)

In the third month a daily routine is reached slowly. I prepared as usually the online orders, worked on my second blogpost, and learn everyday about SEO strategies. A new task added was creating and sending Newsletter.

Last week big changed happened when Henrik and Effy who were responsible for the online shop, left the company. Now my tasks are shifting more to finances, which is very good for me to see and understand as well. Furthermore a new stock has arrived, I made the inventory which is the basic to each business.

So for the coming month I will be more interacting with the shops and see how interviews for employments are made and to which criterias employment is given.

Luis will come next week to Granada and then we will take pictures of the new stock and I will see how to upload them to our website. I’m looking forward to this main task of the online business.