Rimante in Italien – Teil 2

BUPNET’s Jungunternehmerin Rimante ist in ihrem 2. Monat von Erasmus für Jungunternehmer voll in die Aufgaben ihrer Gastunternehmerin und in die Entwicklung ihres eigenen Unternehmens eingebunden:


The second month of EYE has found me in full immersion. I am learning every day. The highlight of the month – the implementation of a training course (TC) focused on ETC. ETC is a methodology of education through sport.

The participants of a TC in the frame of “SETEA” – Sport Education Triggering Entrepreneurial Action

Entrepreneurship, leadership, involvement, team building through sport are the main keywords that dominated my February in Sassari. TC activities were based on Non Formal Education tools as a medium for conveying entrepreneurial practices and values. The final outcome will be the production of a Guidebook on Entrepreneurial Skills Development through Sport Education which alongside knowledge and attitudes developed by participants during the TC will contribute in acting as multipliers disseminating TC outcomes within participants’ home organizations and the larger audience of persons interested in becoming youth entrepreneurs. Therefore, I found myself right at home. On top of that, I could see and participate in behind the scenes of project management, logistical tasks and performing as a trainer, delivering a workshop on Public Speaking and facilitating learning process.

January was a very busy month in the organisation, as the deadlines for Erasmus+ project application was constantly on the agenda (between other daily activities). And in the real life, the deadlines never end. February, I started working on KA2 projects. The actions under KA2 make it possible for organisations from different participating countries to work together, to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth.

Another interesting task I’ve been working on, creating content for training courses and modules. This gives me opportunity to do research on different topics and be creative. The feedback sessions with my host entrepreneur are very fruitful and I always have pleasant time exchanging different perspectives and sharing ideas.

I also took some time learning about business development and strategy of Mine Vaganti NGO. It is helpful for me to understand it using a concrete example. Next step – improve and develop my own business strategy.

Between all the things I already mentioned, there is the best part – meeting new people, some of whom might become my professional partners or collaborators. We are learning from each other, while having long conversations and exploring beautiful landscape of this island.

Mountain hiking in Berchidda, Monte Acuto