Jaqueline in Lisboa – Monat 1

Nach einer kleinen Pause hat BUPNET wieder eine Jungunternehmerin bei ihrem Austausch begleitet. Jaqueline hat für ihre Erasmus-Zeit die portugiesische Hauptstadt Lissabon gewählt. Ihren ersten Monat hat sie wie folgt erlebt:

During my first month as Entrepreneur in Residence, I have already been able to learn a lot in the field of strategic marketing. The goal of my exchange with Build Up Labs is to achieve a higher level of awareness for the incubator in Europe and attract new startups. For this purpose, one of my first tasks was to brainstorming possible marketing and social media activities. Ideas that I will implement during the next months include a Q&A for the company website and a newsletter for our network. Therefore, I have researched which questions are most frequently asked by founders and startups. Afterwards I have created a template for the website and worked on formulating answers. For the newsletter I have already designed a template as well and collected various content ideas. During my first weeks, I have dealt with the most important email marketing KPIs and learned how to interpret them. The goal of these measures is to generate higher traffic for our website.

To get a first overview of the market segment of an incubator and to familiarize myself with the different services and structures, I did a competitive analysis. I first researched different incubators in Europe and then compared prices and services. I also considered what I personally as a young entrepreneur find attractive about the services offered by the other incubators and how we could improve our offer.
Furthermore, I conducted a survey among our startups, asking the questions what motivates the founders to participate in the incubator program at Build Up Labs; where they found us; which service they value most and how likely they are to recommend us to others. After summarizing and evaluating the results, I thought about how we can use these insights for our marketing strategy.

Moreover, I really valued that I already had the opportunity to meet the incubated startups at one of our events. In my second week at Build Up Labs, I participated in an event where all of our startups presented their startup ideas in a 6-minutes pitch to various investors. In the end, the best startup idea was selected and rewarded with funding.

Currently, we are launching a new framework that helps startups validate their startup idea. For this we published a free template on Miroverse as well as a paid guidebook and a workshop. My task was to come up with a framing for the landing page and to help creating the Google and the Facebook Ads. I was introduced to both programs and explained how the success rate of the two ads can be measured. I also thought about how we can best reach as many startups and founders as possible with our framework and started to send emails to potential customers and to our Slack communities.

The results of my EYE exchange will be the starting point for my own business. I have already experienced significant skill development in the area of strategic marketing. I was able to learn how to develop a social media strategy that is precisely aligned with our goals of attracting more European customers. In addition, I have made great contacts with different startups and founders. All in all, my start at Build Up Labs was a success and I’m looking forward to the time ahead.