Jaqueline in Lisboa – Monat 2

Jaqueline ist nun schon ihren 2. Monat in Lissabon. Die erste Eingewöhnung in die neue Stadt und das neue Unternehmen sind vorüber, nun kann sie schon in viele Aufgaben tiefer einsteigen….

In my second month at Build Up Labs, I was able to complete some of the tasks I had already started. I was also able to further expand the social media strategy for the incubator. Together with a colleague, we conducted a social media analysis in which we recorded which postings on our channels achieved the greatest attention. This includes impressions, click-through rate, engagement rate, etc. To analyze this, we formed various categories such as brand awareness, announcements, knowledge sharing, events, etc. and created an overview. On this basis, we will now work out the social media strategy for the next two months. The goal is to increase awareness of the incubator and thus attract new startups. In addition, I am currently looking for (micro-) influencers from the startup industry with whom we could start a cooperation.

In order to generate a greater overall reach for the incubator in Europe, I have started to promote our incubation programs via various communities such as Reddit and Indie Hackers, and to engage in exchanges with startups there. We also want to stay in touch with our former incubated startups. Therefore, we will soon start sending the newsletter I have already completed to them. Contents of the newsletter will include success stories, upcoming events, news about our team and new employees, latest blog posts as well as updates of the week. I hope to acquire more new startups, especially through recommendations from former participants.

I also took over the planning of two events for the 11th entrepreneurs’ week in Lisbon. I took over the marketing on social media and on eventbride and planned the schedule for the events. I was also able to participate in the events themselves. Furthermore, I started planning a networking event for July. I have chosen a location as well as made inquiries to speakers. In the next step, I will think about how we can promote the event in the best possible way so that we can reach as many international startups as possible.

I have also been working more intensively on search engine marketing (SEO). I made several improvements to our websites to get higher search engine rankings. I implemented the FAQ on our website as well as made other updates regarding our current partners and perks. I also researched long-tail keywords for the landing page of the framework and made suggestions on the design and wording. In the next step, I will create several cross-links from our BUL and incubator website to the landing page of the new framework. For this purpose, I have already discussed different possibilities with my mentor and developed first designs as well as plug-ins.

To educate myself in online marketing, I participated in a workshop to improve Google and Facebook Ads. I also used Google Search Console and Similarweb to analyze our websites. Also, in the coming weeks, I would like to learn more analytics tools that can help me with my own startup as well.