Viktoria in Schweden – Monat 2


Der Austausch von Viktoria in Schweden ist bereits wieder vorbei. Trotz der kurzen Zeit von knapp 2 Monaten hat sie viel getan, gelernt und für sich und ihr zukünftiges Business mitnehmen können.

In the second and last month of my Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, I was able to successfully work together with the host on the objectives and goals that we had previously set.

After analysing the farms daily business to get to know all the operations and tasks, strength and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities, we decided in a meeting what should be the next important step for the farm. The main question was, which operation fields could generate profit and are aline with the farms vision and values. We pointed out to focus on the one hand on the membership, which means in detail to attract more members to help the farm to earn regular income. Together with the host, I have been working on attractive „member only“ options, with the aim of attracting more potential members in the future. A newsletter with information about events, news, current projects etc. was sent to all members.

Beside the membership we put one more focus on the improvement of the website. We identified the website to be crucial for a lot of future activities of the farm. One of my tasks here was to make an analysis about the current website to point out which parts need improvement. Additionally, I was working on the design and the content for the website and presented an implementation option on the technical side.

After the two months together, we had a final meeting to reflect about our work to see what went well and what could have been done better. Getting this feedback is a great support for planning my own business. I am very satisfied and grateful for the exchange and the programme as a whole.