Viktoria in Schweden – Monat 1

Viktoria wird in einem kurzen und intensiven Austausch von 7 Wochen in Schweden auf einer Farm mit dem Inhaber zusammenarbeiten und mit ihm ihre Geschäftsidee weiterentwickeln.

My first month in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme in Sweden is already over. I had a great start on my host entrepreneur’s organic farm in the south of Sweden. I was warmly welcomed by my host entrepreneur and all the people who live and work on the farm.

During the first week, I was shown around and everything important on the farm was explained to me in detail. This primarily included the different areas of activity of the farm, the production, the work processes and structure, existing social media channels, the website, marketing materials and distribution channels. I participated in different farm activities myself to get a sense of the needs of a farmer.

Later, I started to ask for and collect required documents to prepare a professional analysis of the farm business of the host entrepreneur. In several meetings we talked about the needs of the farmer, goals for the future, requirements to archive those goals, the development of the farm, hurdles and difficulties as well as strengths and weaknesses.

To put all this information together, we decided to create a Trello Board and started to organize all the information under different main areas, for example social media, website, products to sell, education, members and so on. Having all the information together prepared us for the next level: business development.

I am very excited to tell you about the following weeks of my Erasmus exchange and hope that both, I and my host entrepreneur can look back on a valuable time at the end of the exchange.