Sky in Poland – Part 5

Für Sky neigt sich sein Erasmus für Jungunternehmer-Aufenthalt in Polen allmählich dem Ende zu. Fünf Monate ist er inwzischen in Warschau, in denen er allerhand gelernt und erlebt hat.

Here is a recap of the work in Warsaw during July.
  • Going through 65 applicants choosing 32 for the living mural workshop
  • Creating program: lessons, exercises, reflections, games in Erasmus style
  • Arranging local speakers from EIT QED and Green Phoenix, Art Rio, Leroy Merlin, Food Waste Activist, abundant earth foundation
  • Printing materials
  • Ordering supplies
  • Welcoming participants and being in charge of their experience and well-being and meal schedule
  • Seven days executing workshop at a community camp
  • Doing interviews and promotional material
  • Google campus tower tour
  • Working with Grow Room for future Project
  • Investor meetings with BNP Paribas and Forbes contacts
  • Restructuring business plan based on local opportunities
  • Evaluation of workshop outcomes (google forms poll to participants)
  • Meeting with Unicef implementing partner about WB+6 opportunities for upshift workshop or agripreneurship

The photo shows me in front of our youth inspired and built chair garden during a Mladiinfo Living Mural workshop.