Vesselina in Österreich – Monat 4

Nach vier Monaten endet Vesselinas „Erasmus für Jungunternehmer“-Austausch mit SuperSocial in Wien. Einen letzten Bericht hat sie über ihre Erfahrungen noch geschrieben.

During my last month with SuperSocial I had the chance to put my digital skills even more into practice by supporting the SuperSocial team during the LED Professional Lighting Conference in Bregenz. It was exciting to dive into a totally different industry but also to discover how essential light is in our lives and what huge effect it subconsciously has on our mood, concentration capacity and perception faculty. The trends of this industry again showed me how important digital applications are, for example to measure and monitor the outcome of light. During the daily live symposiums among industry leaders, researchers and representatives of law regulation the need for even more direct exchange was expressed. The Social Media tools Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are already common tools for many representatives from the industry. Others still needed to be convinced how effective an immediate exchange can be to meet the needs of their customers.

As part of the organizer’s social media team we provided and managed the live postings on the social media wall of the event using Canva, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – something I hadn’t done before for such an event.

Furthermore, I was able to finalize the video editing on the TEdx Talks that took place during the “Digization” programme of last month. Here I could learn more about how to prepare for a conference video shooting and how to edit align with the TEDx requirements. That was another great experience and chance to develop my videography skills.

Overall it was another great month in Vienna with a great host and his wonderful team.  Fortunately, Germany is not that far away from Vienna and we will definitely continue working together on Social Media, Videos and perhaps on some non-profit programmes.

The first picture shows the amazing stage design of the “Rigoletto” opera where the LED Lighting conference took place in Bregenz. And the second picture shows the symposium of the event with the social media wall in the background that we were taking care of.