Tim in Spanien 4

BUPNETs Jungunternehmer Tim ist nun schon den 4. Monat bei seiner Gastunternehmerin Maria in Barcelona. Dass es ihm dort immer noch gefällt, schreibt er uns in seinem heutigen Bericht.

Now January has passed and I am still very happy to be in Barcelona. This, for example, I noticed when I spent a “January-Sunday” on the beach at 20 degrees.

In terms of work, January was a pretty challenging month, as there were initial difficulties with my project. Due to a server update, the website did not work for some time and I had to work for several days to fix the problem. Since I have no great IT-skills, I had to deal with a lot of unknown stuff. Although this was not easy for me, I did learn a lot of new things because of that and finally got my website up and running again.

At my work for Lemongrass, I have continued to learn many important things about online marketing. So, I was busy with tasks that dealt with SEO. (You never stop learning things about SEO – and there are always other things you can learn to improve your position on Google). For example, one task for me was to write to various online magazines and ask if we could write articles for them, so that we can post backlinks that refer to our website.

Meanwhile, with my work colleagues from time to time, I get on more well. So, we are also spending a lot of leisure time together. For example, we have visited a football match of the FC Barcelona together.