Sophia in Portugal – 2

Unsere Jungunternehmerin Sophia ist nun schon seit 2 Monaten bei ihrem Gastunternehmer in Porto. Zusammen haben die beiden in in ihrer Erasmus für Jungunternehmer- Zeit ein Projekt in der portugisieschen Hauptstadt auf die Beine gestellt.

Hi! This month was competition month in part of my office. My team and I started a competition in Lisbon. It was a high rise housing project in the centre of the city. We started from the scratch. Which means: sketching first ideas, designing volume studies and discussing in the group. The concept was to integrate the neighbourhood feeling inside the high rise building. We worked with several computer programs in 2D and 3D as well as experimenting in physical models. We had weekly meetings to discuss the working process and to schedule our timetable. Within the group we organised different jobs that we fulfil to achieve a successful time management.

During this month I achieved great creative skills as well as organising topics within a short amount of time. It was also interesting to learn about the housing preferences and values in Portugal. We worked closely together with an engineering team, as we needed to submit a costing list for our project. Therefore it was essential to present our project as precise as possible. It was an interesting month for me, because I was able to work within a great team on a large scale building project. It helped me to gain experience in designing, executing ideas as well as learning on the construction sector in Portugal.