Sadyk in Spanien 1

Einen weiteren von BUPNET betreuten Jungunternehmer hat es im Rahmen von Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs ebefalls nach Spanien gezogen. Lest selbst, wie Sadyk sein Austausch in Grenada gefällt.

My Host company is ICIRED Impagados S.L. It is an online debt collection company that was founded in 2015. It has its offices in the city center of Granada/Spain. As the company is focused on their online services, announcing registered debtors on search machines such as Google and Bing, the main goal is to push their online appearance. My job is to contribute to the Online Marketing strategies of ICIRED Impagados S.L.

The ICIRED-Team mostly consists of lawyers, except for the colleague responsible for Marketing whose name is Rafael. I am predominantly working with him and was briefed and introduced to the marketing projects by him. I had a great start here at the company, because the team welcomed me warmly and offered me any kind of support which made me feel very comfortable. Besides the work we also had several get togethers on Friday afternoons. I am getting along very well with the team members, e.g. joining the Soccer team of one of my colleagues.

My first job was to redesign existing and design new Webbanners for ad campaigns for the Blog of the ICIRED Homepage. Since I gained experience in basic graphic designing from jobs during my studies I did not need to get advised.

The next task was to create a flexible template for E-Mail Marketing campaigns. Initially Rafael showed me current E-Mail templates and explained me what should be altered in the new versions of the templates.  I did some research and created a template by using the HTML/CSS coding languages.

It feels great to be a part of the team because it is the ideal mix of working independently on the one hand side and in team projects on hand side where my colleagues are eager to support me where create a perfect learning and creative atmosphere. Especially at the beginning of the exchange it was quite challenging to follow the team conversations and meetings in Spanish, but with daily work my Spanish knowledge improved quickly? One of my goals working and living here in Spain!

With the beginning of the new month I had a meeting with Rafael concerning the upcoming Online Marketing Campaigns. We arrange one meeting every week, but due to the fact that we work on the same floor almost next to each other we see each and discuss our plans more than once a week.

Concerning our plans: our objective is to rollout a sustainable and holistic SEO. So I firstly analysed the status quo of the SEO by learning how to work and efficiently use tools such as Sistrix and Google Analytics. After thorough research Rafael an me wrote a SEO strategy for the Spanish market. I prepared a list of current competitors and we checked together the competitors lists of unused keywords. The main objective is to create a cockpit with the basic SEO metrics of our competitors to control and start our own campaigns.

I am happy to be at this company because I play an active part of the Online Marketing Team where I feel a mutual learning atmosphere!